About Us


Henry d'Abo at home in West Wratting


Henry d’Abo is a farmer by trade but a conservationist at heart, passionate about the environment and empowering rural communities in the UK. He has managed the Henry d’Abo Farm Estate for over 50 years, growing a rotating range of crops including wheat, barley, sugar beet, rapeseed, peas, and now, hemp. 

The path to hemp at Henry’s farm started with the pandemic. During the spring of 2020, under Covid restrictions and unable to leave the countryside, Henry witnessed the full cycle of the crops for the first time in years. Confronted with observable changes in the climate of Cambridgeshire - very wet winters, dry springs and damp summers - Henry realised his crops were no longer suitable and a change was inevitable. The  farm entered a period of testing to see if hemp or soy bean would thrive in this new environment. The hemp generated double the seeds he had predicted and, as you can guess, the rest is history. A good thing too, Henry’s Soy just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

Henry’s love for all ventures and projects is evident across the West Wratting Park Estate. Over his tenure he has grown over 1 million trees and 9 miles of hedgerow, and is just getting started.

Henry is a husband and father and spends his time playing golf, reading, and innovating in his corner of Cambridgeshire.